More Software-Center with Zeitgeist for dessert

So after some talk with the Software Center team I took matters into hand into making some of the ideas reality.

This time we wanted to make the "Recommended Applications" as seen in the following mock-up reality.

But how do we determine the recommendations... (Zeitgeist):

  • Software Center asks Zeitgeist for most used mime-types within the last 30 days limited to 1000 events.
  • Software Center looks for uninstalled applications that can handle these mime-types.
  • Take first 3 results of the applications lists for each mime-type and set as recommendation (This has to be done more intelligently)
This now looks like

There are instructions on OMG!Ubuntu! how to get the branch...

Here is a little video of it in action

Lets hope the S-C and Design team are happy with this integration so I can clean it up and propose it for merging.