Internet Access in Egypt

Internet & cell phone networks have been blocked in Egypt. Facebook, twitter, SMS & BBM were already banned. An entire nation is being isolated! Word needs to get out to the international community so that the state cannot commit violence against protesters without anyone watching. Protect Egypt's protesters by getting word out any way you can.

Seems like DNS servers are turned off in Egypt.

Use google’s public DNS:

Call to all Egyptians outside of Egypt who want to help!
send this message to any Egyptian you know in your addressbook!
whether gmail or hotmail or yahoo, because facebook is now blocked in Egypt!

If you want to one of the following websites, enter the given address inside the address bar :


Twitter, enter :

Google :



Dial-up ISP is working. DSL still working in Egypt, Try their Dial-up numbers (0777 7770) & (0777 7000)


It  is confirmed that NOOR DSL is working since the STOCK MARKET & BANKS are connected to it