Release Announcements: Zeitgeist 0.7 and libQZeitgeist 0.1

I will make this short so I can start kissing some @$$

We released Zeitgeist 0.7 "All I have is this woodchuck" today, which comes with major performance improvements.
Fetching events is AT LEAST twice as fast and in some cases its around 10 times as fast as the 0.6 release.
Also inserting events is twice as fast and all in all we fixed 66% of the open bugs (only 15 left). Big thanks to Markus, Siegfried, Mikkel, Manish, Michal and Mohammed for this awesome release.
Also thanks to Jorge for the release name... (I had to censor it since Mikkel reads the change-logs to his kids as a bedtime story)

No to the kick @$$ part of the post as well as the kiss @$$


Following Zeitgeist 0.7 here is the initial release of libQZeitgeist 0.1 "Hit 'n Run". libQZeitgeist is a wrapper library around the Zeitgeist DBus API for Qt, and is brought to you by Collabora in cooperation with the Zeitgeist team and KDE.

The two main devs are Abner Silva and Jeremy Whiting, two hackers extraordinaire. Wait that is not good enough.

Abner Silva and Jeremy Whiting are ___________________________________________________________________ (fill in this space with the best description and most flattering things you can think of ). I think it took them 2 weeks to get the basics of libQZeitgeist done. Their work has some implications on the Zeitgeist 0.7 and 0.8 API. They were kind enough to give us feedback on how to make development more friendly and work on better documentation. For some reason they seem to me like an old couple when it comes to hacking. I don't know how long they have known each other but they don't argue much and things are just happen on their side. I think I need to write a poem about them but that seems kinda wrong.

Before I tell you where to get the stuff I need to thank Collabora for supporting the rockstars (Abner Silva and Jeremy Whiting) work on libQZeitgeist. This is just the beginning of the journey into KDE and other stuff.

So to get started:

Lets patch KDE applications...

You can look at our kate plugin

Lets rock on roll...