Unity Place People - Day 2

Its my second day trying to hack Unity Place People. So far I managed to:

  1. Get chat activity from Zeitgeist
  2. Get Contacts from Folks
  3. Create Sections and Groups and assign them results
Todo over the weekend:
  1. Sort results using Zeitgeist (Most/Recent/Location)
  2. Find a nice grouping for the all section
  3. Enable searching
  4. Enable opening contacts
The difficulties I had till now were:
  1. Getting Folks to work, thanks to Mikkel, Michal and the Telepathy guys
  2. Getting the Personas from Folks (The Individual Aggregator gives me contacts for the "changed" signal, but no results when I ask it to give me the contacts manually. Bug?)
  3. The whole build mechanisms
Most of the difficulties are due to my love for python and the simplicity. However I am learning a lot while hacking this. Tomorrow I will write a short tutorial on how to work with Unity. And Monday I will try to write one how to work with Folks.

For now I will leave you with this...

For a video check: