Unity Place People

I am trying to get used to Vala and Unity.

So I am hacking up a little Unity Place for People...

Right now it doesn't do much but get the contacts from your Zeitgeist history and sort them. Over the weekend I will try to get it to play nicely with libfolks. Once that is done I will be working even closer with DX, Zeitgeist, Telepathy, John Lea and Jorge Castro to make things rock and more usable for everyone.

So my todo list is:

  • Get contacts from libfolks (with all metadata)
  • Log more usage of contacts from telepathy, evolution and other sources that play along with libfolks
  • Allow sorting of contacts using Zeitgeist
  • Find best possible grouping and sectioning
  • Write good code
  • Review and Test
Hope you like the first screenie: