Zeitgeist developer in need of new hardware (appeal for donation)

After my laptop (Dell XPS 1330) broke at GCDS. I came back to Germany and bought me a little nettop (I got 100 Euro discount on it) since it was the only thing i was able to afford. I used it with my 22 inch screen and even took both of them with me to the OpenSuSE Conf. Right before the Zeitgeist hackfest I added a little extra and switched my nettop with a notebook. So all the Zeitgeist development on my side since after GCDS was done on a Atom 1.66 GHz processor, and let me tell you its a PITA. I don't want to sound whiny but it is slow. GNOME Shell takes forever to compile. To open the applications menu for the first time in Shell takes 10 seconds here and 17 for the Recent Documents. Other things took me around 30 - 90 minutes compile such as evolution and nautilus. It is becoming a bottleneck for development. I really would like to look into more Zeitgeist deployment as well as hacking on some bigger integrations:

  • Zeitgeist integration with Evolution: Show me what files i used during a meeting. Which contacts I interacted with most.
  • Zeitgeist integration with Unity: I already have a python implementation of the UI using Zeitgeist and intend to support the DX team with the Vala implementation.
  • Zeitgeist integration with Nautilus: Add the Recently Accessed as well as Commonly Accessed in the sidebar.
  • Zeitgeist integration with Shell: Basically finish the implementation of http://blogs.gnome.org/mccann/tag/gnome-shell/
  • More stuff...
The notebook in mind is the Lenovo x201 and costs 999 € at a local notebook shop. This beast will allow me to undertake at least twice as much hacking. One of the reasons I usually hack in python is my fear of compiling taking forever. This won't be the case with a proper notebook. It will motivate me to hack in C and Vala. However being a student and unemployed makes it hard for me to afford it. So if you could find it in your heart to donate something I would be very appreciative. I will put up a little Paypal dontation box on the sidebar of this blog as well as on the bottom of this post...

Update: Thanks for donating guys... Right now I collected 527 out of 999 :)

Update #2: Wow you guys rock... 607€ out of 999€

Update #3: 832€ out of 999€ Thanks alot guys... BTW can anyone recommend a charity or a school I can donate my netbook too...

Update #4: 1005 out of 999€ THANK YOU ALL FOR DONATING I took out the donation box out of the post... I will buying the new Notebook and blogging about unboxing it as well as giving credit to the donators starting Wednesday. I have to move out so I am a bit in a jam the next few days.. Thank you all again... I will keep the donation box on the blog (not the post) for those who like my work :)