Zeitgeist: Location Awareness

I will keep this short, since the title says it all... We are adding a couple of new user stories into the repertoire of Zeitgeist and GAJ:

  • What did I do most/recent at location X ?
  • Where did I use file A or contact person B most/recently ?
  • What did I do on my way from X to Y ?
The current status is still under development... We get the data in the DB yet we need a pretty nifty API for it. GAJ is already setting up support for this feature...

It is a matter of days a prototype will go public... It will be an extension for Zeitgeist so no hard dependency and it will be using geoclue for now...

If you are interested in the backend implementation for it don't hesitate to contact us at #zeitgeist on irc.freenode.net and for the UI integration in GAJ come to #gnome-zeitgeist on irc.gnome.org