Log levels described as sh*t hitting the fan

Log Level Description
DEBUG poop contains corn
TRACE poop currently moving into colon
WARN sh*t is approaching the fan
ERROR sh*t has hit the fan
SEVERE sh*t is spraying into the fan
CRITICAL sh*t is spraying all over the room
ALERT sh*t is piling up
FATAL the room is flooding with sh*t
EMERGENCY the fan has stopped spinning
VERBOSE censored

What We Talk About When We Talk About Zeitgeist

There is a tangible confusion around as to what Zeitgeist is and what it isn’t; what it can do and what it can’t do. This is partly our own fault because we could have communicated this whole thing better, for instance we have some very outdated wiki pages lying around that you should probably stay away from until we updated them. In this post I aim to give a semi technical run down of the core Zeitgeist functionality and how we expose it for you to work with. This should hopefully clear out some confusion.

Marconi love :)

I have lots of positive things to say about the OpenStack community. They managed to create a great mixture of professional yet agile and FLOSSy. Amazing CI/CD and devstack is just an awesome way to kickstart development on OpenStack.